Createx AutoAir Effects & Techniques DVD 220001

Art.-Nr. 220 001


Airbrush Trainings DVD Spielzeit ca. 90 min Englisch Sprachig


Englische Beschreibung:


Auto-Air Colors presents: Ultimate Airbrush effects and techniques Run Time: ca. 90 minutes


Learn 24 amazing airbrush special effects and more than 40 top pro tips and tricks by the legendary artist terry hill. After viewing this DVD, you'll be able to airbrush onto virtually any surface and/or application, including cars, trucks, helmets, T-shirts, wall murals, faux finishing, model/hobby, illustration, fine art, body art, tanning, and tons more.

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Modellnummer: 9 220001

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Createx AutoAir Effects & Techniques DVD 220 001

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