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iwata HP-TR1 Revolution Airbrushpistole 200 006

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iwata HP-TR1 Revolution Airbrushpistole 200 006

Düse: 0,3 mm
Nadel: 0,3 mm
Typ: double action
Fließbecher-Inhalt: 7,0 ml
CREATEX Art.-No. 200 006


· Feed: gravity
· ¸ Fluid nozzle: 0,3 mm
· ¸ Needle: 0,3 mm
· Type: double action
· Capacity: 7,0 ml

The Revolution TR is excellent for these applications: 

- Custom Automotive Graphics
- Mural Painting
- Model Painting
- Textiles
- Hobby and Craft
- Body Art
- Cosmetics

Featuring a uniquely designed Pistol Trigger with a fixed dual-action operation, the Iwata Revolution TR Airbrushes deliver comfortable, ultra-smooth performance that's ideal for custom automotive painting.

It can be equipped with the new FA450 Iwata Pistol Grip Filter (sold seperately) that acts as a superior defense against moisture, the HP-TR1 and HP-TR2 give total control over paint and spray just like conventional airbrushes.

Their designs offer the same comfort and feel that's typical of a larger spray gun. Each is impervious to solvent-based paints thanks to the Teflon packing needle seal, which can be easily replaced.

The HP-TR1 (0.3mm) comes with a 1/4 oz. side-mount color cup, while the HP-TR2 (0.5mm) sports a 1/2 oz. side-mount cup.

· Ergonomic, balanced handle makes for easy, level spraying.

· The Optional FA450 Pistol Grip Filter can be used with the 1oz. and 2oz. side-mount bottle sets (all sold separately).


  • Fließsystem
  • Düse: 0,3 mm
  • Nadel: 0,3 mm
  • Typ: double action
  • Fließbecher-Inhalt: 7,0 ml
Art.-ID 15353
Zustand Neu & OVP
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Varianten-ID 200006
Modell HP-TR1
Hersteller Iwata
Herstellungsland Japan
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